Who am I? I cannot say, Who I am today, but I could tell You, all about, the me from yesterday.

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Who am I? I cannot say,
Who I am today, but I could tell
You, all about, the me from yesterday.
I’ve been so many things, it’s hard to list
Them all, I’ve been an addict, I’ve been

A sinner, I’ve been a criminal, I would

Use all the time, to hide from my
Feelings, of the monsters in the walls,

I would shove needles, gently
Underneath my skin, I gave it all

Away, because I was addicted to such an
Evil thing, they called it Heroin.

I lied, I stole, I cheated the whole
Way, I regret so much that’s why
I’m a different man today.

Cleopatra, with her hypnotic gaze.
Her skin so smooth, her hands running
Through my hair, her gentle touch
Kept the demons away, quieted the voices
That I heard, with her I could
Fly away from my problems soaring
Like a bird

Her soothing voice was
All I heard as she wandered me
Astray, she overtook my mind and
Convinced me to give up, my
Beloved family.

Forgive me son, your father has
Sinned, a fool for drugs, a fool for

Love, a fool all the way. I know who
I was, a crazy, demented son, an
Uncaught felon, a liar, a tool, a
Means to an end, a vessel for a ghost.

But today I am different, yet
I know not who I am. I know
I’m crazy, because I fight the
Voices every day. I’m depressed, and
Such a mess, so many questions, run

Through my head, am I honest? Have
I done it? Or do these cravings mean
I’m not out of the woods yet? I know
I’m different, but how much? Do I
Deserve her gentle touch? Or am I
Forever condemned? I cannot tell if I
Have yet, made it around the bend.

Who am I? I cannot say, if I’ve
Made a difference. I can however,
Say with clarity, I don’t know, who
I am, where I stand. But I know I’m
Different than yesterday.

Tyler Alexander is currently a student at Clovis Community College in Clovis, NM. He lives in Melrose, NM. He is a 22-year-old potential poet. He enjoys music, video games, long drives, and food.


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