White Sands

White Sands

White sands shifting in the winds
Red skies over the horizon
Eyes see the ocean for miles
Lightning burns the evening sky
In the Mind it’s a time to live or die
If you had wings you’d fly away
To find the End of the World
And make it to the other side

Days past are just days gone by
Leaving no traces of reasons why
The seasons change as the world turns
The future is made of mistakes from the past
And it’s time to get away

Brutal memories break down the mind
It’s a killing kind of machine
Like slaves bowing to the Pharaohs
Where lambs being lead to the slaughter
Cruel fate struck the world
Even living life is death
We’re born into the grave
But fear no evil and fear no man but God

Thunder in the mind’s eye
Echoes of the future to pass
White sands and blue waters
On the other side
And it’s a wave away

The other side of midnight
Where the dawn brings new life
Find a place under the sun
Heat brings life to the dying
There is a heaven in all this hell
A place to cure the world’s pain
The healing power from Divine
Just have to believe to get there

White sands under blue skies
Clear waters deep in the eyes
All the scars have been healed
All the fears have disappeared
To be ever after in White Sands
The promised land

Originally published in Palabras 1.0, Spring 2005

William Sena

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