The Voices in My Head

In my head is a voice black and corrosive

a year ago

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In my head is a voice black and corrosive

Telling that I am nothing, garbage, worthless then the dirtiest rags

I sinned and keep on sinning have a mind that keeps spinning with thoughts I know

I shouldn’t think

Selfish wishes and desires I must fight against

Acts of childish behavior lashing out with words at the person who I love dearly but can’t understand and then deeply regretting my actions thinking that there is no way anyone could care for someone like me

Being in a group of people and thinking everyone is better than me that I am nothing

Then I hear a whisper and feel a comforting presence lifting me holding me offering unconditional love telling me it is alright I am loved and precious and matter

That I don’t have to struggle alone Abba is with me guiding me, gently, correcting me, helping me overcome my many flaws to be a light to others

Teaching me patience and self-control letting me be a part of a blessing or answer to unspoken prayers or minor miracles

Watching him work with awe and wonder

We don’t have to be perfect and have it all together for Him to use us He can use anyone, even me and if He can use me to bless others and help guide people to Him
Then He can most certainly use you.

Nichole Hambrick was raised by a hardworking mother and a father who was a former teacher before he joined the army. She has moved all around the US and lived in Germany for 4.5 years. During that time, she became an older sister to two wonderful sisters. Also, during that time, she formed a relationship with The Lord and that relationship has helped her through many times of struggle. Right now, she lives in Clovis, NM, with her Aunt Kathy and Grammy Lola, both of whom went to Clovis Community College when it first opened its doors. She is working on a business degree and in April of next year will be going to an animal training school in Gypsum, CO.


Published a year ago


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