The Troublesome Effects of Smoking

Sick and tired” are the right words for the feeling of most of the smokers who have been smoking for many years.

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Sick and tired” are the right words for the feeling of most of the smokers who have been smoking for many years. Smokers who have experienced quitting smoking for a while and went back to smoking again can realize the fact that smoking is really troublesome in many ways: we get tired easily and have less energy, we damage ourselves mentally and physically. We waste our time and money, and we contaminate the environment and negatively affect the next generation. We don’t see the heavy health results to which we are heading every day in our lives.

We get tired easily and have less energy. We usually are good at doing everyday routine things such as washing dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor. However, we get too tired to do anything extra such as raking dead leaves in our backyard or organizing numerous letters and receipts which have accumulated in cardboard boxes for many years. Sometimes smokers don’t have the simple energy to smile at other people. Sometimes we talk a lot or make plans, but our actions slide down, and we put things off until later. Soon, we don’t even remember to do our daily activities.

Smokers, are we relaxed and comfortable? Not at all. We can’t function on such a simple level of behavior. We can’t sit, talk, study, work, drive, write, read, watch TV, and cook without a smoking break. We are restless. Especially after we start to think about quitting; the condition gets even worse because our conscience starts fighting against our cravings negatively. It is so much easier for our mind to support some positive action instead. We like to think about something like putting flowers on the table, putting a candle in the bathroom, or calling children and friends to plan something like a vacation, but not about quitting smoking (or doing school work).

We are not happy about how we look and smell. Our faces look older, having a lot of wrinkles and yellowed teeth. Our body, hair, and clothes smell like cigarettes everywhere. When we talk, hug and kiss, our breath smells bad. Your significant other may say, “I feel like I’m sleeping with an ashtray.” If we’d stop smoking, even our pets may not recognize us anymore!

We spend so much money and time on smoking. We don’t need to mention how sorry we are about spending so much money on cigarettes every year. Smokers dream about if we could stop smoking. We dream about if we could spend that money to do something better and precious. We spend our time not only smoking but also driving to buy cigarettes, dumping cigarettes into the trash and cleaning ash- trays. When we go out we make sure that we have our precious cigarettes right next to us.

Our environment stinks. It’s no wonder that those nice hotels don’t have smoking rooms. Especially our houses, which are so full of dust in the air, and that dust will settle on that stinky tar without fail. Then it becomes a dark, stinky, smelly, dingy yellow enemy to our peaceful minds. Stinky habit doesn’t just stay in our house and car; it spreads to our babies, older kids and other humans. The inside of our body stinks. If there is oxygen and carbon monoxide in our blood stream, the hemoglobin binds together with carbon monoxide over oxy- gen. Healthy cilia on the trachea bring phlegm upward so that we spit the phlegm out of our body. Our cilia may be killed by dark tar. The hairs inside of our nose grow much faster than those of non- smokers. We try to take calcium supplements; how- ever, as long as we smoke, it is not efficient. We shouldn’t even take hormone replacement medicine, for our blood may clot. We are at a higher risk to get heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and osteoporosis.

Smoking is troublesome in many ways: less energy, tiredness, mental and physical discomfort, wasting time and money, environmental factors, and disease. We need to succeed over smoking – whatever it takes!

Kazue Mirchandani produced this wonderful essay for Palabras 1.0.


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