I am a stone. No flesh and no bone.

2 years ago

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I am a stone.
No flesh and no bone.
I stand alone.
In a valley where the free rome.
for this field is my Home.
As the wind Blows over me day after day
If I could talk this is what I would have to say
Oh how I wish I could just walk away
Instead this is where I stay.
Can’t even get up to play.
So this is where I lay.
Not on a stool or tray.
But in a valley where the free rome.
If I haven’t been kicked or throughn.
This is my home.
because I am a stone.

Originally published in Palabras 1.0, Fall 2004

Sixto Castillo - Sixto wrote this poem in 2000 when he was going to school at CCC and working toward his GED. He’s interested in Cosmetology and Auto Mechanics. He’s a craftsman who likes to read, and he wants a happy life.

Update: As of 2018, Sixto has published a collection of poetry titled: Nature's Nature - From the Heart that Speaks. The above poem appears in this collection. The ebook is available through Google Books.


Published 2 years ago


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