The Moose Walked In... [The Morning Show]

The Moose Walked In... [The Morning Show]

The moose walked in and
with a roar from its head
awoke the sleepy town from its bed

with a trump and a frown we knew it was time to
get on the road and
get to work on time

The radio asked for something new to play
Breakfast with the Beatles had gone a medieval
with a hope and prayer they asked each ear to be

We all listened as we drove down the lane
What would be next
When would we be told
What song would take us from our jobs
and put us on the slopes of home

Would it be the hallowed voice of Nat King Cole a
merry old soul or another as yet untold

What song would catch the boss’s ear
that when I walked in late
I would hear it said I didn’t see
the clock I was in my car
Listening to my favourite song
and time was not there

Originally published in Palabras Fall 2007

Mark Reinholz

The Moose is a radio station in Bozeman, Montana

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