The day was cloudy and gloomy as it had been for the past few weeks. The sun was nowhere to be found. It would rain and mist most of the time; Cody hoped for some sunshine after the rain passed but it never seemed to come.

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The day was cloudy and gloomy as it had been for the past few weeks. The sun was nowhere to be found. It would rain and mist most of the time; Cody hoped for some sunshine after the rain passed but it never seemed to come. Each day seemed longer than the next as if the day would never end. The thought that he might never be found made reality that much harder to bear. The unjust thought of what if and why lingered on my mind like a stain on your favorite T-shirt that would never come out.

The days spent on the endless road seemed meaningful at first but it was a drive like no other. The views were so breath taking despite the fact that I was never truly able to take the time to give them the much needed attention. The moon was shining on the water like a hidden secret lying below waiting to be revealed. The deep silence of the road was very eerie at times, as if there was someone there with me. I could feel the chilling air hitting my neck and whispers that lingered and felt like they would never end.

He would never let me forget no matter how hard I tried too. He would always be in the back of my mind telling me “Cody the day will come." I never really gave it much thought nor did I ever really care but those words always seemed to follow me everywhere I went. They followed me like a stray dog that I should have never fed, and now he will not leave my side. What did he know? What information did he have that I was not aware of?

What day is he referring to, what was to come, and why me? What could this possibly mean? So many unanswered questions and so much time had passed still leaving me in the unknown. I could not give up faith because I knew in my heart that he was out there and that I would be the one to find him. It had to be me because I was the only one that could find the path. It was as if everyone else was blind to it no matter how much I tried to explain it to people they could not see what I had seen. As time went on, they gave up hope but I kept going somehow with the little faith that I maintained.

The forest grew darker and the trees and mountains grew taller as the days went by. It seemed as if things were getting a little bit easier and the whispers seemed to calm. I stopped at a diner for dinner that one evening. The place seemed a little unusual, but the food smelled so delicious that I did not care. I had not had an actual meal in such a long time. I could not even remember the last thing I ate that was not from a run-down gas station. It always seemed like the food tasted the same no matter which gas station you went to as if they all shared the same recipes. I had not been this excited for something in a while. The thought of these new smells and the taste of something new in my empty belly, not to mention the fact of not eating alone all seemed satisfying for some odd reason.

He was at the end of the dark hallway on that unfaithful day waiting for me to arrive. I knew what I needed to do, but it was not done. It was a very unusual day, the air was warm and the sun peaked through the clouds that were shaped so perfectly like soft pillows. They all appeared to be the same size and they were so well put together unlike other things in life.  Why not have waited outside on that nice day? Why linger in a dark hallway with no windows? That day was like no other in the past. Did he have something to hide? Was there something he did not want anyone to see or had something already happened to him? Once again I could hear his voice strong in my head at that moment. Why would he want to cause such pain? Or had I been the one causing this unspeakable pain and heartache.

I could feel my heart pounding like a drum on a pow wow ceremony. The beating felt stronger with every drop of the stick as if a fire were about to start inside of me. The beating seemed to have some type of a rhythm. It was like nothing I had ever heard or felt before as if it were trying to tell me something or lead me into a direction. It became stronger and kept getting faster as I drove until I arrived, then it stopped. I could not understand why it had stopped. What was it trying to tell me?

My mind always seemed to wonder and sometimes I could not control my thoughts. Once the food arrived, I began to eat with some disappointment remembering that he still had not been found. I was reminded that I was here sitting alone with these random strangers who were looking at me as if I was an alien from space and they wanted to take me to a lab and experiment on me. I could no longer take the odd stares and had to leave without finishing my meal. If something happened to me there would be no hope for him. I am the only one he has left in this world that remembers him. I could not fail him again like I had done before. I soon I knew that I would be able to prove a point and find out what those words mean.

A few miles outside of town, it began to rain and it kept raining for what seemed like hours. The rain began to pour and I could no longer see the road and I had no choice but to pull over and wait for the storm to pass. Sleep is a problem for me and I had not slept very much since the event transpired. I sat there listening to the rain pounding on the hood and roof of my car. The rain seemed as if it would find a way to travel inside the car and reach me, but I knew that would not happen unless it started to flood. The lightning was what really had me frightened I had nowhere to hide and parking next to a tree did not seem like a smart idea. So there I was out in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road hoping that lightning would not strike me. The sound of the rain seemed to soothe my wondering mind and eventually put me into a deep sleep.

I could now see him so clearly, he was so close. “Why would you run from me? I am the only one that is looking for you? What are you hiding or who are you hiding from? Do you not want to be found do you not want my help?! I am here for you and will do what I can to help you that is why I am here. Please stop, please! I beg you I do not know how to live in this world without you and cannot go another day all alone. This road will never end and I can never seem to stop you. I am so close to you now I can almost feel you.” I feel the pounding in my chest again just as strong as it was before but this time the beat was different. It was not the one I heard before. Did this mean something different this time? What is my heart trying to tell me? The whisper joined in with the beating in my chest and began to chant those hated words: “The day will come… The day will come”.

The sun shined bright that next day like it had never shone before. It was beaming straight through my window hitting me in my eyes. The rays of the warmth on my body soothed my heart and soul like it had done in the past. Where had it been all this time? Why was it gone for so long? Had something happened? I had searched for miles and miles as the days went by. The beating could no longer be heard. All that could be heard was a soothing thump in the distance. The chanting had even subsided. The long storm had finally come to an end. I knew that the day had finally come. The day that I had waited on for so long was finally here.  I now know what those words meant and why I was unable to understand them before.

Lina Rendon is a student at Clovis Community College. She wrote this short story for an English composition assignment earlier this year.


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