The Killing Season

The Killing Season

It could have been so nice
But it ended up like this
Life was so simple then
All those tears ago
but the world turned cold
And life grew hard
When you’re born into the grave
You fall apart at the seams
Living life in the killing season
Someone tried to break into my mind
Someone tried to covet what was mine
But I fear no evil from the Demon Seed
I fear no pain from the Violent Breed
Because I learned how to play their game
Where there are no rules
All is fair in war and hate
And don’t stray away
Too far from holy ground
When you’re out in the killing season

They warned don’t go out
Killing in the killing fields
But the wolves are always at my door
So I stray in the eye of the storm
Away from the evil of the outside world
Where the demons, they prey
Like pouring acid rain
On a perfect crystal clear day
In the killing season
They try to come into my world
They don’t understand I’m not one of them
They try to pull me to the very edge
But my Soul is strong for their games
They want to pull me down the spiral
Sacrifice me like a lamb
But the damned could never lead me astray
So I’ll take the long walk
Safe from the demons that pray
Out in the killing season

Originally published in Palabras 1.0, Spring 2005

William Sena

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