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Listen to him rant, Listen to him rave
Listen to him tell Charles to behave

Now he is reading Charles's response
Charles wrote in a tone of nonchalance

Now the camera starts to zoom
Thatcher is about to BOOM!

We are moving down the aisle watching every reader
When he looks at the camera I just want to skitter

Listening to him read leaves me feeling pretty eerie
If he was my guardian I know that I'd be leery

Lurking under bridges and peeking 'round the wall
He is way too touchy, too easy to appall

Storming in Charles's office, he's yelling in his face
More or less telling him that he's a big disgrace

Now we're tightly focused on his and Charles's face
I am now wondering what is going to take place

Charles now gets mad and starts telling him what’s what
He tells him to be quiet and stop being such a glut

The scene is now ending, zoomed up close to Charles's face
Charles now seems humored having put Thatcher in his place


Originally published in Palabras Fall 2008

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