Climb onto the hood and rest your head
Gaze up to the sky
Black, sparkling stars, shining bright

The cool of the steel and glass
The sound of the dimples pop
Together we gaze in awe at God’s
Is that the Big Dipper?
Is that the Little Dipper?
Where’s the North Star?
Look, over there!

Soothing, cool breeze
Comforting, black and silver sky
It’s not late
It’s not bedtime, yet
Just a little longer

Watch out for the June bugs
As we walk toward the door
I’ll carry you, come up here
Rest your soft cheek on my shoulder
I will stroke your perfect little head
How I miss those nights.

Originally published in Palabras 1.0, Spring 2003.

Christy Leigh Vines.
Christy is the Director of Title V & Institutional Research at
CCC. She began writing because she wanted to capture the
happy memories of her childhood, family, and her children
when they were little

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