Questions for God

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Questions for God

Many times I feel like I'm losing my mind,
Days and nights my true identity I can't seem to find.

Have I become weak or am I still strong,
Am I living my life right or is it all wrong?

Will I do something I'll live to regret,
Painful memories will I ever forget?

Will someone's love for me ever really last;
Will it quickly fade like it's done in the past?

Will my Prince Charming find me one day,
If so will he forever, in my life, be able to stay?

Can someone wipe away every single tear,
And reassure me that I have nothing to fear?

"God, help me and guide me in the right way,
Please, don't let anything again lead me astray!"

My thoughts and my feelings make me feel crazy,
All I want is for my life to no longer be hazy.

Can I ever again be gentle and kind,
When it comes to love will I always be blind?

Will my eyes and my heart continue to cry,
And will there come a day I'll no longer want to die?

These questions I've asked are only a few,
GOD to better my life I need answers from YOU!


Originally published in Palabras Spring 2008

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