Ode to Moving

Ode to Moving

Mom you need to move NOW!
Bring in the lawn furniture for the winter.
Obstacle course motif is hip.
Rule of thumb
If you ain't used it in a year toss over the balcony.

Seeking whom to give your treasures to is a trip.
Wondering if they will enjoy them is a test.
Should I or shouldn't I seems to be the question!
Who's to say enough is enough already?
Certainly not I!

It's time for a break here!
Good-bye parking lot.
Good-bye tree, you're my dearest protection.
Good-bye beautiful lake of missing cars.
Good-bye playground and many hours of fun.
Oh no I'm going to cry!

Assortments of what dear!
Shoes of several seasons,
Quilts from years ago,
Pillows for comfort,
And away we go just the two of us.
Where will it be?

Moving sucks!
Too much stuff!
Moving is great, I like moving everywhere!
Good-bye boot knockers.
Good-bye door ringers.
Hello screen doors!
Oh dear, it is time to finish the Christmas cards

Originally published in Palabras 1.0, Fall 2005

Denise Jones and Friends

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