In those years the situation was very difficult. They didn’t have good jobs.

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Mexico 1950–1960. In those years the situation was very difficult. They didn’t have good jobs. People did not have opportunities to progress. My family was big. It was my father, my mother, and thirteen children and only my father worked. We never used new clothes. The money that he earned they used it to feed us. We never had good Christmas, only a bag of peanuts and candies. We did not have a chance to go to school. When everyone turned thirteen or fourteen years old, they were looking for a job to help our parents. My sisters got married very young.

I was born in 1967. I liked to dream that one day I would have more than I had. When I was twelve years old, I also went to look for job. I found a job cleaning houses. When I was fifteen years old, I had a boyfriend. I got pregnant and when told him I was pregnant, he told me that he was not going marry me.

The time passed and I had my baby. I thanked God for giving me that family. Soon I had an opportunity to get papers to get the visa. I applied for the visa for my daughter and I had an opportunity to travel to United States. I always thought there was better opportunities and if here are many better opportunities, more jobs, and in any job, they pay very well. It was very different than from Mexico. Here in United States, people live much better and there are more opportunities, like studying English.

After living here, I met a man and I married him. I had two children with him and my daughter. I had to work. I needed to work. I worked cleaning hotels, cleaning houses, restaurants, in a dairy with the cows, and now I am working at school. I like to work there. I am happy with my life and my family. I thank God for my family; for my husband, my daughters, my son, and my seven grandchildren. This is part of my life. I am grateful to God because it is the family that He give me. My family is the most important thing in my life.

This piece was written by Guadelupe Flores, a student at Clovis Community College.

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Published 8 months ago


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