Is it a crime to want more?

In June of last year, I went to visit my parents who live in Mexico about five hours South of the Border. I watch the news every night, and I see what happens in the world.

8 months ago

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In June of last year, I went to visit my parents who live in Mexico about five hours South of the Border. I watch the news every night, and I see what happens in the world.

One night they were showing a video of two men trying to cross the Rio Bravo. The two men were from  south Mexico. They were trying to cross the border when they saw some ICE agents  they were in the middle of the river, and they decided to go back into Mexico.  There were a couple people trying to rescue them and they had a guy filming. It wasn't that easy for the two men. They got lost in the Rio Bravo and they were asking for help. A lot of people tried to help them but they couldn't help them. The only ones that were trying to rescue them were the people on the Mexican side. The people from the U.S. did not do anything. They were yelling and screaming but the water was too rough. All of a sudden the Rapids of the river took their last breath and they died.

My reaction to the video was a combination of sadness and frustration. During the rest of the month I was with my parents and I knew about more deaths of immigrant people trying to cross the border. Some of them died underneath the sun in the desert while other ones were hunted like animals in some parts of Arizona. Is it okay for an American citizen to shoot a Mexican just for trespassing on their land? If a Mexican threatens an American, the embassy of the United States says that "We take threats really seriously."

The United States takes care of their people, but Mexico doesn't. The president does nothing for the Mexican people and nothing to improve the economy for these poor people. They don't have anywhere to go. They choose to go and die in another country. It is clear that the Mexican government doesn't care about their people.

Me being a Mexican I feel the humiliation that all the people feels just because they're looking for a better life no only Mexicans want to go to the other side there's a lot of people to from South America they suffer because they are discriminated and they have to cross borders and authorities of Mexico but they're only looking for the American dream. They think just by crossing the borders, they're going to get dollars from the trees. They don't think about the Discrimination the suffering that they're going to go through. These people are in need they don't  know where to get some loans, most of the people they don't even have insurance in case they get sick. They have  to go look for money. People think that if you live in the United States that we live like rich people but we live with fear that will get caught by immigration. that is not a way of living.

Most of the people who are immigrants don't speak English, and they do not understand how everything works here, but there are people who take advantage of that. My family and I have the opportunity to be here legally. My sons are being educated here but we have to deal with bad people and their commentaries about Mexicans. My parents don't have money and I never had the opportunity that my sons have. As parents, we try to do the best for our children. There's a lot of other parents that made their dream come true or been here but there's been a lot that have died and lost their life in the middle of the way so that just brings to my mind those two young people that died in the river and that nobody cared about their lives. There are a lot of other people losing their lives just because they want to live better. Is that a crime that you have to pay with your life?

This reflection was written by Lucy López, a student at Clovis Community College.

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Published 8 months ago


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