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Sparkling shine in your eyes, Taken so far from a lie...

2 years ago

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Sparkling shine in your eyes,
Taken so far from a lie,
Truth be told,
Indeed, it had,
Crumbling heart was so sad,
Show the truth,
Let it ring,
Heal yourself and sing.

A simple smile goes so far,
Let it remove those old scars,
Take your love and undying grace,
Learn to hold it and embrace,
Keep the omni-faith,
Hold it deep and keep it safe.

See the tears you once seized,
Watching them go with the breeze,
Lighten your heart,
To love and never part,
Live it day by day,
Always something good to say,
Take your crown,
Hold it upside down,
Watch the level ground,
It creates.

Now take a step,
Go forward bound,
Listen to that sweet, calming sound,
Do not see,
For it can lie,
You never know who's a spy,
Feel the truth in your love,
When in doubt,
Look above,
It's always there,
It's everywhere.

Originally published in Palabras 1.0 - Fall 2004

Kevin Numerick - Kevin is always striving to better himself and his writing. He works hard to maintain a certain level of mystery in his writing, yet at the same time he attempts to make it subtle enough for everyone to understand. (A Process that never seems to end...)


Published 2 years ago


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