Holding On

Holding On

There are no boundaries
To the familiar feelings we find in each other

Like the warmth
Of an old flannel shirt, the comfort you bring to me

I watched you
Standing there, with the youth of today

Time transcends
You change before my eyes, a man of many years

Loving you
With the wisdom and soul only years can give

My eyes and heart
Of an old woman, loving you through all time,
peace to my soul

You have since
Closed the door, me on one side, you on the other

Sometimes I wish
You could see my pain, feel my loss, feel yours

No one sees
The tears, will this ever go, softly, gently away

Meant to be
It will be, easy words to say

Some call it
An ache, some heartbreak

Words that
Can never give life to what's inside

My deepest parts
Stirred, wanting something I did not know I desired

And now cannot have
Secrets, secret desires, holding on

-Michelle Durepos

Originally published in Palabras 1.0, Spring 2004

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