God, please help me in this time of trouble

a year ago

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God, please help me in this time of trouble
In this time of deep stress and worry
Please ease my worry and guide me down the path of light
I know you guide me
I know you will never forsake me
Please give me peace in this time of worry
Please help me not panic when panic is so near
Thank you for always being there
Thank you for always answering even when the answer is a
Not yet
Not now
Be patient and wait on me
No, I have another path for you to take
You have always guided me
With gently whispers
A feeling
Never abandoned in my confusion
Guided towards Your resolution
Your ways are perfect
I thank you, Abba, for guiding me to where I am now
I can’t wait to see what You have planned next

Nichole Hambrick was raised by a hardworking mother and a father who was a former teacher before he joined the army. She has moved all around the US and lived in Germany for 4.5 years. During that time, she became an older sister to two wonderful sisters. Also, during that time, she formed a relationship with The Lord and that relationship has helped her through many times of struggle. Right now, she lives in Clovis, NM, with her Aunt Kathy and Grammy Lola, both of whom went to Clovis Community College when it first opened its doors. She is working on a business degree and in April of next year will be going to an animal training school in Gypsum, CO.


Published a year ago


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