Grace your middle name, And grace you are.

2 years ago

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Grace your middle name,
And grace you are.
Effortless forces and mighty
Move within you quiet,
Unmindful of their charms,
Triumphant in your eyes divining
Joy in the small and unseen sacred.

Swift to smile, slight
And knowing, laughter unfurling
In sea green eyes smiling words
Of comfort wise: Long is life
This and the next, past only is,
Futures are uncertain always.
Souls’ physician, wearied hearts
Receive grace perpetual from judgment.

Watch my Celtic goddess go,
Calico hips unconcerned sway
Unhurried, bound to secret rhythms.
Love swims unashamed in your blood,
Pulsing, drifting, winged, stirring
The red darkness from the deep folds
Of your body to your fingertips
And all you touch.

While Eros simply smiles, you grin
Broad along the creases of my body,
The folds of my naked, my head,
My eyes and more; prostrate
I fill your cup at the alter,
Spilling my wine, receiving the grace
Of your hallelujah body, hallelujah
Truly, amen.

Originally composed by J. E. McPhee for Palabras's official Website.


Published 2 years ago


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