God, oh God, Why Do You Love Me?

God, oh God, why do you love me?

a year ago

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God, oh God, why do you love me?
I am human and weak,
Foolish in how I live my life,
Ungrateful in how I take you for granted
And yet—in the midst of my sin and ignorance,
You Yell Out “I Am Here! Waiting with open arms to show you my eternal love”
You offer me Peace Love Joy and a future that I could never imagine filled with awe of all you did.
You also offer me a place in you Majestic Kingdom;
As your Daughter, your Princess, your child.
I turn around and run to you but get lost along the way,
Distracted by the world telling me
“Stay, have fun, there is nothing there that you want.
Why go to a place with rules when with ME you could live guilt free?
Try anything you want
Steal Lie Cheat or if that isn’t your style
How ‘bout Work Earn Live in Luxury
Or Fame Fortune Lovers
And Good works Be nice to people Be a model human being
But don’t go There to Him
Don’t acknowledge His presence
Don’t receive His Love when you could receive all the ‘loving’ that you want here.”
But in the end, I run to you—
Into your arms—
Where I wish to stay
For all—

Nichole Hambrick was raised by a hardworking mother and a father who was a former teacher before he joined the army. She has moved all around the US and lived in Germany for 4.5 years. During that time, she became an older sister to two wonderful sisters. Also, during that time, she formed a relationship with The Lord and that relationship has helped her through many times of struggle. Right now, she lives in Clovis, NM, with her Aunt Kathy and Grammy Lola, both of whom went to Clovis Community College when it first opened its doors. She is working on a business degree and in April of next year will be going to an animal training school in Gypsum, CO.


Published a year ago


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