The tags used on this Website are quite self-explanatory (we hope). "Short Reads" usually refers to those written pieces that can be read in under thirty (30) minutes. Old posts are housed, for the most part, under Palabras 1.0. New content posts are always under Palabras 2.0. When you see a number, followed by "words," you are seeing the word count estimation for that particular piece you are reading. Names tags are given to some authors/artists/poets, but we are working on making this more consistent. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the the lead editor, G. Michael Rapp, at

Publication of New Content.

It is our hope that Palabras will publish content year round. With that said, most of the newer content should be available between the first and fifteenth of each month.


Palabras hopes to run a number of columns. These columns include, but are not limited to, the following subjects or areas of interest: Gaming, Current Events, Creative Writing, Future of Narrative, World-Building, Film & Filming, etc. If you are interested in proposing a regular column for Palabras, please consider contacting G. Michael Rapp (Palabras's lead editor) at

Novel Serialization, Podcasts, Music, Etc.

Palabras prides itself on being at the forefront of content creation. Moreover, we hope to include a number of on-going projects here on this Website. With the advent of cheap Website hosting, we can host a plethora of rich content, including serialized novels. We also hope to be able to host musical talent, podcasts, and the like in the future. However, these will require a good deal of work and coordination. If you wish to propose such a project, consider dropping a line to G. Michael Rapp (Palabras's lead editor) at

Open-Access Classification.

Those of us working on bringing Palabras back to the world believe the new rendition of Palabras should be open-access. That means Palabras will never hide behind a paywall or a subscription fee. Instead, we believe that all content on Palabras's Website should be open to the reading public, meaning it should be free and easy to access for the reading masses.