Lightning hit one after the other, briefly illuminating the thick forest, but he still walked, looking for her even through the razor rain and black night.

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Lightning blazed the sky, briefly illuminating the thick forest, but he still ran, looking for her even through the razor rain and black night. Losing patience, he stopped and dropped to his knees. Exhausted and broken-hearted, he shrieked, “ELIZABETH!” Then, before he could catch his next breath, everything froze. An unexpected silence took over the forest, as he felt a sharp pain in his neck, followed by an immense burning sensation from the wound that swallowed his whole body. He tried to turn to see his attacker, but a rapid lightning blast blinded him and all he saw as he lost consciousness was a broad dark shadow.

A heavy bass beat slowly starting to get louder as Lucien regained consciousness. He felt an overbearing hangover. Aching all over, he asked himself, What happened last night? He attempted to get up but was, unexpectedly, hindered by wood. What is this? he thought as he felt around for an opening. Without success, Lucien realized with horror what it meant.

“Am I in a coffin?” he shouted, hoping this was a sick honeymoon joke from his friends. “Jean? Jackson? NICOLAI! This is not funny!”

No reply.

Outside he heard a muffled, pounding bass notes he had never heard before. Realizing he might be alone, he started hammering on the coffin lid, trying to open it himself.

Lucien started to grow impatient with hunger and fear, petrified that he might already be in hell. He tried once more to break out of the coffin and with new-found strength from his hunger, the coffin screeched a loud CRACK, breaking Lucien free from its clutches.

On the opposite side of the mirror, watching the event unfold, was Alexander with his mistress.

“And thus, he woke from his eternal slumber,” said Alexander as he secretly watched Lucien from the double-sided mirror. “Let’s see how he likes this century?” He smirked as Lucien exited from the VIP lounge into the nightclub.

“Master, are you just going to let him roam out there? There are elders within the club! He might find trouble!” said the fragile woman,

“Don’t underestimate him. I am sure he will be fine! I promise I have it all covered.”he replied, as he stepped out of hiding, following Lucien.

As Lucien walked into the crowd, he felt a hand slide from his mid back to his shoulder and down his arm, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the crowd. Lucien, confused, followed the dark-haired man’s lead. As they moved through the crowd, the music changed, and Lucien found himself within a group of intriguingly-smelling women. Before Lucien could identify anything, he was impulsively taken over by hunger that raged like a demon sprayed with holy water. Unknowingly, Lucien bit into a young redhead’s neck, silencing all sound as he sucked the most phenomenal fluid he had ever tasted.

Lucien closed his eyes with pleasure as his hunger became satisfied, but the ecstasy was short lived. Lucien’s ears rang with loud music again, and he looked down at his arms and gasped with fear of what he held in his arms—the redhead covered in her own blood was dead. He quickly dropped her fresh corpse in disbelief.

“What did I do to her! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” Lucien yelled at the strange man who quickly replied, “Ha! You are funny, sir, follow me to get you cleaned up. First-timers are always so messy!”

Lucien stepped back alarmed and trying to find an exit but at no avail. He only saw strange lights that seemed to move on their own, big boxes that seemed to make music on their own, and people who hardly sported clothes.

He only got a few feet away before the man blocked him and said, “C’mon, man, you really leaving the party without finishing your meal?” He smirked at Lucien. Fearing the man, Lucien decided to follow him. Maybe with this strange man I can get more information of where I am, he thought.

Lucien, confused, asked, “Who are you? Why did you kill the woman? Am I in hell?”

The man smirked at Lucien and replied, “My friend, it wasn’t I who drank from the whore’s neck, it was you who allowed your hunger to blind you before looking for a qualified meal, and don’t be foolish, my club isn’t that shitty. Oh, and I’m Alexander, but to you, I am Xander or X! Preferably X within this club.”

Lucien still confused asked, “Xander, why am I here? What happened to Elizabeth?”

X laughed at Lucien’s questions: “Lucien, you just drank blood! How are you still confused? And please, call me X, as Xander is for outside the club”

X stopped the cheerful sarcasm before lowering his tone, “About Elizabeth,” he paused, trying to find a proper way to inform Lucien. “She died, mate, back in 1819.”

Lucien dropped to his feet at the sound of “died.”

Lucien replied in a broken voice, “No! That is not true! We’re in love! Just married!”

X joined the grieving man on the floor and said, “Lucien, I’m sorry. Elizabeth is gone. Her father found out you two were running away and getting married. He drugged your wedding wine. He only meant to cause you two to sleep, but Elizabeth being nervous of her first time drank too much! While you slumbered, Elizabeth’s small-framed body did not handle the drug well and she died. When her father entered to take her away, he found her dead body. He tried to save her, but it was too late. When you woke and went looking for her, she was already gone!”

Lucien in disbelief grabbed X by the collar: “Why am I here? What happened out in the woods?”

X looked down and replied, “I was out being hunted down. I was hurt and needed a meal to recover. I’m sorry, mate, but I used you.”

X looked at him and continued, “But since you kept asking for an Elizabeth during your transformation, I went looking for her, finding her father only a mile away from you. He asked for my help, but it was too late for her, she was dead, Lucien.”

X held Lucien’s head as he screamed at the loss of Elizabeth. Lucien was now immortal and was to be forever without Elizabeth, the love of his life.

Gabriela Beevers

Published 2 years ago


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