Fancy, Oppressor

Fancy, Oppressor

Fancy Clothes,
image of oppressor:
take take take;
control our minds
how much we spend
where we go
what we think
how we believe
why we learn.
take take take.
Make us shut up or
get out.
Backwards we go –
backwards, dark ages…
again. Those in fancy (of course)
suits, oppressor,
refuse to
learn from those who
know more
than legislating
fabrication and fear.
oppressors, in fancy clothes,
Stop your control
Open your ears
to, what's that?
Listen! Beyond your
silk acrylic polyester
Smoke in faces
of those
who you'd be – or are –
not fancy (should I really say
nothing?) without.
Smoke blown in faces
of those who you should trust.
Watch your own fall.
Scuff knees, fancy
clothes: take take take
will no longer work
Now that everyone good
is gone.

Originally published in Palabras Fall 2007

H G Leigh (pseudonym)

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