Like fuel to a fire so is my hate to you

2 years ago

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Like fuel to a fire
So is my hate to you
Thrown in
It explodes with might
Strong and torturous
Burning bright
Long into the night
The fire dims
And yet
The embers burn on
Always holding a spark of spite
The flames grow and roar again
Engulfing all that's insight
The barren wasteland is left behind
Charred to a blackness of desolation
Nothing can grow
No hope of survival
No chance at life
Extinguished but not gone
The scars left upon the surface
Are the mirror to a soul
A life covered with blackness
Beneath the surface of the whole

Shannon Lujan - Shannon is working towards an Associate’s of Liberal Arts at CCC and has an interest in studying Literature.  

Originally published in Palabras 1.2 - November 2002


Published 2 years ago


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