Living like a butterfly, Before you were born.

2 years ago

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Living like a butterfly,
Before you were born.
Floating from flower to flower
Color to Color
Nectar to Nectar
Absolutely fulfilled and content.

You came along
Making me taste, touch, and see the Unbelievable
The Magic,
The Earth, the Moon, and The Stars
Made me pay attention to the Storms, Balance, and Wonders
Of More than the Flowers.

All three of us Grew
My Butterfly Mentality changed
I still floated from Flower to Flower,
I became more Grounded, Real
Aware of Dangers and Wonders
Astounded by the Magnificence of Life.
Absolutely Fulfilled and Content.

It became time for you to spread your wings.
Like Butterflies,
Floating from Flower to Flower
Color to Color
Nectar to Nectar
Being absolutely fulfilled and content.

I can see the Flowers and I did our part
In Making you Soft and Strong
To Admire and Immerse in the Beauty of Life,
Leaving me
To Find New Flowers
Having to Open up to New Colors
While I Fly from Nectar to Nectar
In Search of a NEW ME.

Janett Johnson

Published 2 years ago


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